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Hormones Affect Gum Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does some unexpected things to women’s bodies, and while every woman and pregnancy is different, there are some common dental concerns. One of these pregnancy problems is an increased risk gum disease. While about 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease, pregnant women make up a large number of those visiting the dentist to resolve it. Why is this the case, when studies show women generally take better care of their teeth than men?

It’s the Hormones!

Hormones are believed to be the culprit affecting women’s gums. Increasing hormone levels, like estrogen, progesterone and the pregnancy-specific hormone hCG, are vital for a healthy pregnancy. However, these hormones also suppress the immune system to protect the developing embryo and fetus. As a result, your body response changes towards oral bacteria. Your gums may become irritated and have a harder time fighting off infection and inflammation, although you previously may have had no problem with gum disease symptoms. As a result, if you already have gingivitis, it will probably get worse during pregnancy. (This is why it’s so important not to skip your exams and cleanings while pregnant!)

Keeping All Your Teeth

If you are pregnant or plan on being pregnant, the Placerville Dental Group is here to support your oral health. So if you experience bleeding gums or other dental issues during pregnancy, contact our Placerville dentists right away! Treating gum disease while pregnant will not harm your unborn child — quite the opposite. Maintaining dental health is believed to reduce the chances of complications in birth and pregnancy. So please realize that the old saying that it is normal for a woman to lose a tooth in pregnancy is totally false! With a good dental care routine that includes daily flossing, brushing, and regular visits to our local dental clinic you can have a healthy mouth and a healthy baby!


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