Dental Coverage Available Through Covered California

Dental coverage is available to enrollees of Covered California. The Placerville Dental Group understands that many of our patients worry about the cost of dental care for themselves and their families. If you purchase health insurance through Covered California, you are also eligible for dental coverage. For children under the age of nineteen, this coverage is included with all medical plans. For adults, it’s extra coverage purchased through the exchange.

Why Dental Health Matters

Our oral health can be a window into how the rest of our body is doing. If your mouth is healthy, the chances are your overall health is good or better than average. By taking good care of your oral health, you reduce the risk of some common health conditions. For example, periodontal disease is a preventable condition with regular home and dental office cleaning procedures. It is also linked to increased risk of heart disease and stroke. So preventing gum disease can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Likewise, dental caries, commonly called cavities, are also completely preventable. By eradicating the bacteria that causes cavities, you may be preventing endocarditis, a dangerous inflammation of the heart tissues.


Other health conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis potentially affect dental health and make it vital to have regular dental care. Diabetes reduces the body’s ability to resist gum infection and osteoporosis weakens bones and makes them brittle, increasing the risk of jaw damage and tooth loss. If you have either of these conditions, keep your appointments with our Placerville dentists! Regular dental care provides the best health, despite chronic conditions. It also prevents emergency room visits due to painful dental problems, like toothache, abscess and severe decay.

Good News About Dental Coverage

The good news is that it’s not impossible for you and your family to receive quality dental care from our Placerville dental clinic! All dental plans through Covered California include free preventive and diagnostic care, like cleanings, X-rays and exams twice a year. Children are automatically covered, because dental care is considered an “essential health benefit” under the Affordable Care Act. Dental insurance overage with additional options is also available through Covered California family plans. These cover both the adults and the children in a family. Family plans cost more, but provide greater benefits. Open enrollment ends on January 31, 2018.

What if you do not qualify for health benefits through Covered California, and do not have dental coverage through your job? The Placerville Dental Group can help with reasonable pricing and our in-house financing program, CareCredit. Call us today for more information! Don’t delay in making dental health a priority and see the benefits from protecting your dental health.


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