Are Grills Safe?

And We Don’t Mean BBQs

Believe it or not, there are dental fads and dental fashion. Some extreme and ill-advised dental fads include tooth piercing, tooth filing (to look like a vampire), and “fronts,” “grills” or “grilz.” A grill is a snap-on tooth cover made of gold, silver or other metals. Some even cover the front teeth in jewels. People have permantly altered their teeth for a custom grill, while others attempt to super glue a grill onto the teeth for long-term wear.

Do You Really Need a Warning?

Have you ever read the warning labels on packaging and just had to laugh because the warning is so obvious? Sadly, these warnings have to be made because it means someone out there actually tried to do something blatently dangerous or attempted to use a product in a way that was not intended (like using super glue on your teeth). While there hasn’t been any conclusive testing done on grills and how they affect dental health, there is also no research concluding that long-term grill use is safe. For example, grills made of non-precious metals have the potential to irritate the mouth and cause allergic reactions. Many manufacturers of grills have no dental expertise whatsoever, outside of copying molds of teeth. So, our Placerville dentists urge you to err on the side of caution and not use a grill, unless it’s on your barbecue.

What To Do With a Grill?

If you have a grill and love it, it’s important to be very careful about your oral care. Don’t stop brushing and flossing twice a day to prevent dental problems as a result of extended grill wear. It’s especially important to remove the grill when eating, so that food doesn’t get trapped between the grill and your teeth. Eating while wearing the grill or not cleaning the grill daily has the potential to cause painful infections in your mouth from a buildup of harmful bacteria. An unclean grill also contributes to bad breath, so while your mouth may look sparkly, it won’t smell like it. To further prevent dental problems, it’s best to treat the grill as a fashion accessory that’s worn when the occasion is suitable, not around the clock. One other note of caution that may seem obvious — do not use jewelry cleaners on your grill, since these products are toxic.

If you’re reading this and think a grill is the accessory you’ve been looking for to complete a unique look, talk to us first. Our Placerville dentists want you to be educated about how using a grill affects your dental health before you make a decision that will permanently alter your mouth for the worse!


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