A Whiter Smile Is Possible!

So many photos get taken during the holidays! And now with apps and websites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, people are sharing them instantly around the world. Have you ever looked at friends or seen photos of others and questioned why their smile is so bright and white? Do you wonder what their secret is? It’s true, some people are naturally blessed with a dazzling smile, but most of us have an ordinary one that dulls with age. White teeth are viewed as attractive in most cultures, but there are some things to remember when you are tempted to compare your smile to others.

Whiter Smile Facts

  • Healthy teeth come in all shades, from bright white to varying shades of yellow. Even if your smile is a bit yellower than some, don’t be ashamed — a healthy mouth doesn’t always mean “white” teeth.
  • Variations in skin tone can make some people seem to have whiter teeth.
  • While white teeth may be a cultural sign of a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene, they are not a guarantee of healthy gums, good roots and a strong jaw. Perfectly good teeth are lost by failing to pay attention to a tooth’s foundation.
  • Celebrity and supermodel photos might be splashed all over glossy magazines, but their teeth are usually not as white as they appear. Digital imaging software make teeth whiter and people skinnier — try it for yourself!
  • Certain foods — like tea, coffee, curries and blueberries — can stain otherwise healthy teeth and make it harder to have a white smile.
  • If you wear lipstick, the shade you choose could make your teeth appear less white. Warmer tones like red-oranges, browns and tans bring out the worst in your smile. Cooler colors like pink, burgundy and blue-reds will make your smile look much brighter!
  • Speaking of makeup, evening out any ruddy tones in your complexion can make a big difference in how your teeth appear, so choosing the right foundation is important.

Have a Whiter Smile

At the Placerville Dentistry Group, our most important priority is giving you a healthy smile — one that feels great and makes eating and living enjoyable. But we can also help you have a beautiful smile with professional in-office tooth whitening. We use the latest techniques to take your smile from dull to bright with a one-time, in-office tooth whitening. For more severe cases, perhaps with chipped teeth included, we offer the thinnest porcelain veneers available. If our natural whitening tips still leave you feeling “yellow in the tooth,” make an appointment soon by phone, online or in-office to discuss your options for brightening up your smile.

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