Five Tips to Fight Tooth Stains

Keep a Good-Looking Smile!

What does a bright white smile mean to you? For many, it signifies health, youth, and vitality. But what can you do to keep your smile bright even if your daily rituals include habits like drinking a cup of coffee or tea? Here are five tips to fight tooth stains and contribute to your oral health!

  • Rinse your mouth out with water after drinking acidic items, such as colas, coffee or wine. This includes some berries and other foods that have staining potential, especially if they contain lots of sugars. Swishing with water saves your teeth from the damage caused by acid. After waiting about thirty minutes, brush and floss for the best daily stain fighting.
  • Chew sugarless gum after meals to increase your mouth’s saliva. This restores damaged enamel and neutralize acids in your mouth.
  • Minimize the contact your teeth have with iced coffees, teas, smoothies and other drinks by using a straw. When you drink with a straw, the front teeth are bypassed and partially saved from staining beverages.
  • Balance staining foods with ones that don’t stain. Berries and citrus are healthy and delicious, but so are lots of other fruits and vegetables that don’t have a high acid content and staining power. So eat a wide variety of produce and enjoy greater health overall!
  • Teeth naturally darken with time and stains happen. The Placerville Dental Group offers professional teeth whitening with excellent results after just one visit. We also provide you with take-home maintenance kits to help keep your white smile without damaging your teeth. We do this because over-the-counter tooth whitening products often contain abrasive chemicals that actually can damage the teeth and gums. Only professional whitening provides the best results while preserving your dental health. Professional whitening at our office includes ingredients to protect and preserve your tooth enamel.

With a good daily dental care routine and some professional assistance as needed, the Placerville Dental Group is here to help you maintain a beautiful and bright smile! Contact our dentists at (530) 444-5322, use our website appointment form, or stop by the practice at 699 Main Street, Suite B, to arrange your single-visit tooth whitening today!


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