Make the Most of Your Dental Visits

Don’t Let Fear Keep You Away!

Ever since moving pictures became popular, dental visits have been a common target for comics and screenwriters. Dental scenes have even been in scary movies (lookup Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man for an example). Over time, influences like this have caused many people to grow apprehensive about visiting the dentist, to the point of avoiding visits altogether. As time goes by, their oral health deteriorates, causing daily pain and discomfort.

The Placerville Dental Group encourages you to avoid that outcome by visiting your dentist twice a year. In fact, there are a few things you can do to make sure your visit is efficient, quick, and without any of the incidents you might have seen on a screen, movie, television, or digital device.

Keep Your Appointment

If dental fear affects you, you might become inclined to cancel your appointment, as it gets closer. Granted, things come up and get in the way on occasion, like sickness or emergency. We understand when that happens. However, always reschedule your appointment. Our office staff has a knack for rescheduling as close to the original time and date as possible.

One of the main reasons that the dental industry recommends a visit every six months is because it’s frequent enough without being too frequent. We know how busy the average American is, but we also know your teeth need a professional cleaning and examination — to catch issues before they become painful problems. So, keep your appointment.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Believe it or not, some people hold off on dental visits because they haven’t been flossing or brushing properly, and they’re afraid of what we might say. Please keep in mind that the Placerville Dental Group is a dentistry group, not a court of law. We help our patients, not judge them. And we are not your parents either — after all, we ask you to sit in the chair, not stand in the corner.

You can rely on us to be honest. So, be honest with us too. Let us know how often you are brushing or flossing. Tell us about any discomfort or problems with eating. If we ask about sensitivity with hot or cold, or bleeding from your gums, be forthcoming about it. It’s so much easier to help you solve the issue if we know about it directly.

Tell Us If You Are Afraid

In line with being honest, we need to know if you are at all apprehensive about your visit. But that’s okay too — we have so many other patients who get more than just nervous about their dental visits. However, they still visit us twice a year, knowing that the Placerville Dental Group will take good care of them. We want your visit to be as comfortable and productive as possible, and it’s easier to do that if we know your level of discomfort — both in your teeth and in your mind. We also have options like conscious and unconscious sedation, even anti-anxiety medication to set you at ease, if you need them.

Our goal is for your dental visit to be as productive and painless as possible. In fact, we want you to look forward to your semiannual visits and enjoy a life with great oral health. Between those visits, of course, do your best to brush and floss twice daily. And if you see a dental scene in a movie, remember that they got it all wrong, because your visit at the Placerville Dental Group is always a great experience!


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