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Improvements in Oral Health

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that Americans have improved their oral health. Increased dental education and programs that get children to the dentist at an early age are believed to play a large role. Other improvements are also responsible, and the CDC has made suggestions for continuing this upward trend.

Although tooth decay in baby teeth has slightly increased, it has decreased in permanent teeth, partly because of dental sealants. This specialized coating is applied to teeth for an extra layer of protection against decay. The Placerville Dental Group recommends this option for children as a complement to fluoride treatments. This fits with the CDC’s desire to expand the use of sealants to lower the decay rate of primary teeth. As a result, many schools around the country now provide dental sealants to students.

Why use sealants? Children often have a hard time reaching all their teeth when they brush, so sealants give extra protection to make up for irregular brushing. Sealants are safe and effective for all ages, so adults can also request sealant protection at their next dental appointment. To learn more about sealants, check out our previous post or ask about them next time you come in for your appointment at the Placerville Dental Group.

The dentists at the Placerville Dental Group are committed to keeping our local community’s dental health at its best! We treat each patient as an individual because every client, young or old, has specific dental needs and concerns. Schedule an appointment with us today to start or maintain healthy habits for you and your family!


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