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If you need a service done, say repairs on your house, many of us ask people we trust or go to an online review site to see what other customers think. One thing most favorable reviews mention is the reasonable cost of the service. Likewise, when it comes to dentistry, we know patients are happy when their dentist is straightforward and honest about dental costs. No one likes to feel like they’re being treated for a problem that doesn’t exist! At the same time, a common complaint is the high cost of dental care, as any review site will also attest. So our Placerville dentists would like to fill you in on why dentistry seems so expensive and how we help our patients with these costs.

Why is Dentistry Sometimes Expensive?

The executive director of the National Association of Dental Plans, Evelyn Ireland says, “fewer than five percent of people with dental coverage hit their annual maximum.” So many patients do not have high dental costs because their annual treatment is preventative and consists of regular examinations, teeth cleanings and x-rays. Patients like these do not have high out-of-pocket dental costs because they maintain good oral care at home by brushing and flossing every day. Routine dental exams and cleanings do cost some money, which is usually covered 100% by dental insurance. Preventative care and a good routine at home is much less expensive than fixing serious dental problems caused by neglect or lack of treatment.

Technology is Costly

The technology used to improve dentistry and dental imagery is very expensive, resulting in significant overhead for the Placerville Dental Group, as well as other dental practices. Each treatment station has precision instruments that are vigorously sanitized before use. Dental materials are also highly specialized, so they can effectively endure the demands of a moist environment and considerable stress from use. It’s important to keep up to date with the latest advances in dentistry, so our dentists and hygienists regularly attend classes and conferences to apply the best and most effective treatments. Some dental offices may decide to cut costs by offering simpler, cheaper or less modern treatments, but the Placerville Dental Group strongly believes in giving our patients the best value for the money with treatments that last longer and provide more value for in the longterm.

Explaining Your Options

Sometimes our Placerville dentists recommend a treatment that is more expensive, but that we believe is the best course for your health. Part of our job is to create treatment plans you feel good about, both financially and with the knowledge that the procedure is going to resolve your dental issue and meet your needs. If your needs are not fully covered by your dental plan, we can assist you with payment options so you receive the best care possible.

You also tend to have different levels of treatment options, from the treatment that we consider to be effective, up to the treatment we consider to be the best. We discuss all options with you, so that you have the power to decide how to proceed, not just based on cost, but also quality of treatment. We respect your choices, but the bottom line is that we care about you. The Placerville Dental Group believes it’s always your right to decide whether or not to go ahead with any dental treatment and to choose among available options.

Helping You Meet the Costs

The Placerville Dental Group is always happy to help our patients meet their dental costs. We accept many insurance policies and forms of credit. We always clearly explain your costs in advance of our procedures and even calculate your insurance benefits and expected out-of-pocket costs. Informed and educated patients make the best decisions when it comes to their own dental health care! Make an appointment today and see how the Placerville Dental Group puts patients “in the driver’s seat” with treatment decisions.


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