Teenagers and Invisalign

Don’t forget October 9th is Fall Invisalign Day at the Placerville Dentistry Group! Now is the perfect time to give you or your loved ones the smile they’ve always wanted at the best prices of the year! Keep in mind that unused flexible spending account (FSA) funds for 2015 may be applied towards Invisalign before the FSA end-of-year deadline. Plus, while enjoying treatment discounts, patients signing up for Invisalign are eligible to spin the prize wheel to win free prizes such as iPad Minis, iPod Shuffles, teeth whitening, retainers and more!

What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign is the easiest method for the orthodontic treatment of adults and teenagers. Wearing Invisalign aligners requires no metal wires or sharp brackets to get in the way, so you say goodbye to irritated cheeks and gums! Invisalign aligners are removable to eat, clean your teeth and take photos. Thus, Invisalign Teen is the perfect way for your child to get that boost of self-confidence to make their smile the best and brightest it can be.

Invisalign Teen is a flexible treatment plan that allows teens the freedom to eat what they want, while getting the orthodontics they need. It’s also perfect for active teens and those who play sports or an instrument! Wide gaps and overbites, common issues with young teeth, are quickly corrected with Invisalign without bands, wires and braces. Research shows that teens prefer Invisalign because these strong, clear aligners are also practically invisible, so there’s no need to be self-conscious about a new “smile in progress.” They can still take selfies with confidence!

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign treatment plans range from ten weeks to eighteen months and costs vary depending on your personal goals and the repairs recommended by our Placerville dentists, but the end results are the same — a new smile, with less hassle at a great price. Plus, Invisalign aligners are replaceable if lost and teen patients receive up to six replacement aligners for no added cost. So Invisalign is a great investment for adults and teenagers looking to improve their smile.

Use our Fall Invisalign Day, October 9th, to get started on the new smile you’ve been waiting for! There are a limited number of appointments available, so contact our Placerville Invisalign dentists for these amazing savings at the Placerville Dentistry Group. Call us at (530) 444-5322, use the form below, or visit our office at 699 Main Street, Suite B in downtown Placerville.

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