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Swimmers Calculus

Protection Against Swimmer’s Calculus

Even in the higher altitudes of Placerville, summer heat causes kids and adults to look for relief, and they often turn to water — not just to a tall, refreshing glass of ice water, but perhaps an entire body of water! Of course, there’s not...

Whiter Teeth

Yellow Teeth and Oral Health

Making teeth whiter is a big industry today! Aside from other dental products and services, people spend billions of dollars annually trying to get a pearly white smile. One of the main reasons people whiten their teeth is because they feel it “looks better than...

Drinking Your Teeth Yellow

Drinking Your Teeth Yellow

Tooth whitening procedures are popular today, especially among those who just can’t seem to get that yellow to disappear. Surprisingly, nearly all the drinks we regularly enjoy already contain components that cause our teeth to stain. What are those components?Acids soften tooth enamel, allowing...