Invisalign for Teens

Ask Your Parents About Braces

Invisalign Teen is the perfect solution for teenagers that need to straighten their teeth.

Braces – your parents’ generation will tell you the stories. Ask for their tales about embarrassing pictures, poking wires, irritating brackets and pain in general. You live in the 21st century and deserve a modern solution for straighter, healthier teeth. The answer is Invisalign Teen with the Placerville Dental Group!

Four Reasons Why You’ll Like Invisalign

First, unlike braces, Invisalign Teen is smooth and removable. There are no parts that poke or prod your mouth and gums throughout the day. Even better, there is no long list of things you cannot eat. Take close-up pictures or go to important events without braces. And cleaning your teeth is easy, since Invisalign pops right out for brushing.

Second, Invisalign Teen is just that – nearly invisible! Your friends may not even notice your aligners. The only thing that changes about your looks is your teeth keep getting better and better.

Third, it’s easy to track your Invisalign Teen treatment with the Blue Dot Wear Indicator. You only see the dot when an aligner is removed, and it tells you how close you are to changing to a new one. So using Invisalign Teen is easy and foolproof.

Fourth, everyone loses things, so what happens if you lose your aligner? With Invisalign Teen, your Placerville dentist can provide up to six free replacement aligners if one gets lost.

For a straighter, better smile, talk with your parents and our dentists about the advantages of Invisalign Teen! For experiences from other teenagers who have used Invisalign Teen, visit the Invisalign website for testimonials.

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