Invisalign Information for Parents

Why Teenagers Prefer Invisalign

As a parent, you want the best for your children and may recall that braces made for healthier and straighter teeth, but involved plenty of irritation and self-consciousness. You are also concerned about overall dental health for your child. While braces straighten teeth, they make it difficult to clean them. Children sometimes find it exasperatingly difficult to clean teeth with braces properly, leading to gum problems and cavities. Invisalign Teen from the Placerville Dental Group is the 21st century dental solution for all of these orthodontic problems!

The Invisalign Advantage

Invisalign can improve your child's dental health without the complications of braces.

Invisalign can improve your child’s dental health without the complications of braces.

Invisalign Teen uses removable aligners that work without visible attachments. Your child gets to eat all the same foods, participate in their favorite sports and enjoy events and photo opportunities just like other children.

For comfort and cosmetics, Invisalign Teen’s clear and smooth plastic aligners replace metal brackets and wires. They free your child’s mouth from the irritations of conventional braces. Like all orthodontics, each Invisalign aligner will create slight discomfort when first installed, but this usually passes overnight as the jaw and muscles adjust to the tension being applied to the teeth.

One advantage to braces, however, is that since they are semi-permanent, they cannot be lost! Many parents ask: “What happens if my teenager loses an aligner?” With Invisalign Teen, our Placerville dental office provides up to six replacement aligners for free.

Finally, Invisalign Teen only works if it is in your child’s mouth for a minimum of twenty hours a day. The freedom to remove them can be overused. So aligners include a Blue Dot Wear Indicator, which you can check to make sure your son or daughter is actually using this investment in their health and appearance.

Invisalign Teen – modern orthodontics benefiting teens and parents from your Placerville family dentists.

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