Braces a Pain?

How to Deal With It

You went to the Placerville Dental Group and after consulting with a dentist you got braces! Our staff prepared you for what to expect, but the minor pain and discomfort you might be experiencing from your new orthodontics may lead you to wonder if it will ever go away. Let us provide some encouragement: the pain is temporary and controllable! Braces correct misaligned teeth so you can have better long-term dental health. Knowing how they work and why helps you to see that pain is part of the process, but only for a short time.

Brackets, Wires and Discomfort

When braces are installed, specific teeth have brackets glued onto them. Wires are then attached to the brackets. The brackets and wires create tension to pull the teeth into the correct alignment. At the beginning, and with each adjustment, this tension leads to some of the pain you may experience. Many researchers think this soreness is specifically caused by the change in blood flow created by the tooth movement, with the pain disappearing as your jawbone adjusts. Additional discomfort is caused by raw spots on soft oral tissues, like the gums or cheeks, caused by the braces rubbing against these areas. Although it sounds rough, the mouth toughens up fairly quickly. In the beginning, orthodontic wax helps cushion and protect against this type of discomfort.

Dealing with Discomfort

If you experience braces pain, the Placerville Dental Group recommends using ordinary pain relievers as needed. Eat soft food for a few days until your mouth adjusts. Take extra care when brushing your teeth by being gentle, yet still thorough. Some people use toothpaste for sensitive teeth to reduce pain. If you experience unbearable or unusual pain, contact us immediately for help.

Eventually, any discomfort will be overshadowed by the rewards. During the process, remind yourself that the end result will be straight teeth, a better smile and more confidence. For questions about orthodontic treatment plans and options, contact our office today!


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