Placerville Oral Surgery Questions Answered

Surgery — it’s a frightening word for some. Nevertheless, oral surgery is often needed to restore dental health. When you’re the patient, you probably will have questions, so our local Placerville dentists want to answer some of those that are frequently asked.

When does the Placerville Dental Group recommend oral surgery?

After a complete exam and consultation, oral surgery is recommended to treat missing teeth with implants, to fix some forms of toothache, to remove oral cancer or to cure severe TMJ, such as that caused by accident trauma. This is not an exhaustive list, but oral surgery is only suggested if there is good cause.

Why are teeth extracted?

A tooth is extracted, or removed, when it cannot be saved with other treatments. Disease, trauma, and impaction all may require a tooth to be removed. Impacted wisdom teeth, for example, are a fairly common problem that requires oral surgery if the teeth have not fully erupted and likely never will. Regular office visits with x-rays at our dental clinic identify potential problems early on and help you avoid unnecessary pain and resolve the issue before it becomes a damaging problem.

Does everyone need their wisdom teeth extracted?

Not all people need their wisdom teeth extracted; it all depends on the size of your teeth and your jaw. If your teeth are coming in without significant crowding of the rest of your arch, they can be allowed to erupt normally.

How long does it take to recover from oral surgery?

It depends on the kind of oral surgery required to treat the problem. Wisdom teeth extraction usually takes a few days to one week for the pain and swelling to subside. Complete healing may take up to a month. Our dentists always recommend a soft diet after any oral surgery and provide specific after care instructions, such as how to deal with pain and swelling. Dental implant procedures also require healing time that varies from patient to patient, based on the type of procedure performed.

What kind of sedation and anesthesia are available at the Placerville Dental Group?

Before any procedure or surgery, our dentists will answer you questions and provide a detailed description of your treatment plan and pain management options. We also provide oral conscious sedation to manage discomfort and anxiety.

For more questions about oral surgery or other dental issues, contact our Placerville dental experts for a consultation.

Mar 23, 2017 | Oral Surgery


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