What Your Teeth Tell Your Dentist

Your teeth have a lot to say, even if they don’t speak for themselves. Our Placerville dentists can tell a lot about your health and habits when we ask you to open wide. So what are your teeth saying?


Teeth naturally show their wear with age, so a dentist knows that younger patients tend to have longer teeth with less gum recession. Older patients typically have shorter teeth and gums that have at least slightly receded. Abrasion is also evident on the teeth, especially the molars.


A lot of habits affect our teeth. Good oral hygiene helps preserve our teeth. Bad habits like these make the tear wear out faster.

Stress: 70% of patients who grind their teeth do so because of stress. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, wears teeth down and weakens them. Weak teeth are more susceptible to cracks and other forms of damage. Bruxers also are bad candidates for dental implants, as their habit makes it difficult for the screws to set properly in the bone.

Nail Biting: Also related to stress, those who bite their nails have teeth that show small cracks and uneven tips. Save your teeth by doing your best to reduce stress and break the nail biting habit. This also applies to chewing other items, like pencils, pens and other office products.

Thumb Sucking: If a person sucks their thumb for an extended amount of time, their front teeth start to bend forward, causing an uneven bite. Speech problems may also become an issue due to their displaced teeth. If your child sucks their thumb, but stops at an early age, their teeth should not be affected. If you are concerned about your little one’s thumb sucking, feel free to ask our Placerville dentists for some tips to help your child.

Health Conditions

If your diet is deficient in vitamins, it shows in your mouth. If you have oral sores, weakened tooth enamel or an unusual tongue texture, it could mean your body needs more nutrients. Maintain a varied diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. If you choose to take a multi-vitamin, avoid gummy vitamins packed with sugar.

Make an appointment today with the Placerville Dental Group to take good care of your teeth! You’ll feel better and your teeth will be healthier.

Apr 20, 2017 | Oral Health


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