Treatment for Burned Mouth

It’s not uncommon for Placerville Dental Group patients to end up with a burned mouth, especially at this time of year when eating soups and drinking hot beverages is comforting on a cold day. It’s also common to see “roof of the mouth” burns after eating hot pizza. Such burns are painful and make eating anything afterwards difficult. How can you soothe mouth burns and help your tissues recover? Here are effective home remedy tips from our Placerville dentists to care for your mouth burn.

Cool Using Water and Ice Cubes

Swishing with cold water immediately cools the burning and helps dull the pain. Once the pain decreases, gently rub ice cubes over the area to limit swelling.

Gargle with Salt Water

The palate of your mouth is covered in delicate tissue that may blister when burned. Salt is a natural antiseptic and helps reduce infection. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and swish, but do not swallow, to clean and disinfect the burned area.

Eat Soft Foods

Your mouth is especially tender and sensitive after a burn, so eat soft foods to avoid irritating it and causing more pain. It can take up to a week for food burns to heal, so patience is required. It’s also important to note that spicy foods, citrus, hot foods and hot drinks should also be avoided until the burn is completely healed.

What to Take and What Not to Take

Take non-prescription pain medication as needed. Do not use tobacco or smoke while your mouth heals. Vaping, smoking or chewing tobacco delays healing and irritates soft mouth tissues.

When to See the Placerville Dental Group

Sometimes despite your best efforts, it may be necessary to consult us for mouth burns. Call us if the mouth burn doesn’t heal after seven days or if new symptoms occur. If you experience increased pain, a sore palate, develop white patches in your mouth, or have a fever, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you feel better!


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