Tooth Saving Root Canal Therapy

Saving Teeth One Procedure at a Time

Our Placerville dentists believe nothing works as well as a patient’s natural teeth. After all, your original teeth are genetically designed for you! That’s why, when one of your teeth becomes seriously infected, the Placerville Dental Group generally recommends root canal therapy to save the tooth.

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

A “root canal” is a very common dental procedure where the dentist removes diseased tooth pulp from the infected tooth, cleans the canals inside the tooth and then seals it to prevent future infection. Our dentists know you might be a bit uncomfortable hearing the phrase “root canal,” not only because of the pain you’re usually in, but also from “dreading the drill.” We do our best to make you as comfortable as possible when we perform root canal therapy. Sedation dentistry even makes this procedure more like a nap for patients that choose to use it.

When to Get a “Root Canal”

The Placerville Dental Group recommends root canal therapy for deep cavities, broken or cracked teeth or if a tooth has suffered injury that would likely lead to loss or extraction. In most cases, a crown is used to restore the tooth’s strength. All of your options and costs are clearly and honestly discussed with you before we begin any procedure.

The key is, if you are suffering from toothache, don’t ignore it! The pain is not going away, but will only get worse! When our dental professionals are able to treat an infected tooth quickly, we save not only our patients’ teeth, but often their money too. Untreated infections result in more pain, swelling and even further complications. Save your smile for years to come, prevent premature aging and tooth loss, and avoid the extra costs of replacing a missing or extracted tooth. For more information about root canal procedures, you can look at our page devoted to this treatment or feel free to call us to schedule an appointment.


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