Should You Have a Dental Budget?

Save Now to Save Teeth Later

To have a healthy mouth and bright smile, it is best to see our Placerville dentists twice a year. Should you budget for dental care needs even if you have dental insurance? Yes! Setting aside a small amount of money each month or having a health savings account to help reduce your taxes lets you budget and save for routine or unexpected dental costs.

Know Your Plan

If you have insurance, get to know your dental plan, what it covers and what your out of pocket costs are for procedures. The Placerville Dental Group accepts many dental insurance plans and is happy to provide you with upfront estimates of your costs for routine care and procedures. We can help you determine what the best course of treatment is based on your budget and these estimates. When you know what your plan covers, you can make informed choices about your dental care in advance.

Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

No problem! You can still have a good schedule for dental care! The Placerville Dental Group believes that all people should have access to good dental care. We provide our patients with the New Dental Choice Discount Plan. We understand that many families and individuals do not receive dental insurance from their employers and do not qualify for their children to use Covered California for dental insurance. After the payment of a one-time activation fee, individuals and families can receive deeply discounted dental treatment and check-ups for an entire year, with no waiting periods. So sign up and use it immediately! A low annual membership fee makes it possible for individuals and families to receive dental care without interruption for best dental health.

Whether you are covered by dental insurance or not, the Placerville Dental Group is committed to providing excellent dental care for all our patients. We also offer in-house financing and occasionally other options. Determine your budget and schedule an appointment or consultation to have the best dental health possible!


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