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The Placerville Dental Group knows that not all patients enjoy coming to the dentist. This might be because of bad past experiences, fear of dental instruments or of potential pain and discomfort. Rest assured, our caring dentists and hygienists understand and do our best to make all our patients at ease. We even can provide you with oral conscious sedation, commonly called “sleep dentistry,” where you don’t even realize what’s happening in the dental chair! So if you think that it’s in your best interests to skip your dental exam and cleaning or have avoided the dentist for a while, here’s some reasons why it’s a good idea to reconsider.

  • Visiting the dentist prevents cavities. Plaque, that sticky acidic residue that coats your teeth, is the number one cause of tooth decay. Bacteria in and on the plaque erodes tooth enamel and is only removed by regular brushing and flossing at home and in combination with semi-annual cleanings from your dentist or hygienist.
  • Dental check-ups and exams prevent tooth loss. Plaque and the resulting tartar begin a vicious cycle of gum disease and tooth loss if left untreated. In extreme cases of gum disease or periodontitis, plaque destroys jawbone, resulting in pain and tooth loss. Regular dental cleanings prevent this.
  • Cleanings remove tough stains. Many of us enjoy our morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening, but these drinks and other foods and beverages make teeth appear yellow. Smoking or chewing tobacco also stains teeth, turning them brown. When you visit our Placerville dental clinic, we take the time to remove stains and make your smile bright again so you can regain your confident smile.
  • Support your overall health with a regular dental exam. Many conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke are connected to oral health. So good oral hygiene plays an important role in reducing medical complications. Many dentists say that “a healthy mouth means a healthy body!”
  • You save money by seeing your Placerville dentist regularly. Serious dental problems and the restorations they require can be avoided with regular exams and cleanings. Early treatments are generally inexpensive. Prevention costs even less.

The Placerville Dental Group wants everyone to enjoy the advantages of having a healthy mouth. Make an appointment today to enjoy the best dental health possible with the help of our local dentists!


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