Effective Cold Sore Treatment

If you’ve ever experienced a cold sore, than you know the feeling of dread that occurs when you see or feel that little sore spot starting. Painful and annoying, they are an unwelcome side effect of a viral infection. Fortunately, the Placerville Dental Group offers a rapid solution.

What Triggers Cold Sores?

Stress, a compromised immune system, trauma to the mouth, or more than the usual sun exposure — all may trigger the development of a cold sore. People who have cold sores regularly can usually predict their chances of developing one and may even feel it coming on. Cold sores go away on their own, but they may take a couple weeks to disappear, bringing pain and self-consciousness with them. If you have one, it can’t go away fast enough! Therefore, here are some tips from our dentists to treat and prevent cold sores.

Cold Sore Ointments

Cold sore ointment is available without a prescription and reduces pain and the lifespan of a cold sore. Early treatment is key and works best at the first sign of outbreak. Use as directed for best results to minimize redness and appearance.

Fight Cold Sores With Cold

When you feel soreness or tingling near your mouth that signals a cold sore is brewing, apply ice to the sore spot for a few minutes. Colder temperature helps to reduce a cold sore’s lifespan and reduces tenderness. Using a cold compress also prevents the sore from oozing and becoming crusty and red.

Prescription Treatment for Cold Sores

If you frequently experience cold sores, our Placerville dentists can prescribe antiviral medications to control and prevent regular outbreaks. Prescription medications, when taken right away right away, may prevent cold sores from even appearing.

Laser Treatment for Cold Sores

By far, the superior method for cold sore treatment is laser therapy, performed here at the Placerville Dental Group. Cold sores treated with lasers never fully form or clear up more rapidly. Laser cold sore treatment provides immediate results and is available on short notice.

Cold Sore Prevention

After your cold sore goes away, prevent secondary infection by changing your toothbrush immediately. Maintain your dental care routine even when you have a cold sore to keep up your oral health. Don’t be tempted to touch the cold sore, and avoid contact while you have one, as they are contagious!

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