Coping with Dental Anxiety

A recent study indicates that six out of ten American adults are too scared to go to the dentist. That’s more than the reported fear of visiting surgeons and neurologists combined! Whether they call it fear, anxiety, morbid terror, or give it an official term like dentophobia or odontophobia, most patients that come to the Placerville Dental Group have some level of aversion to their dental visits.

It’s very likely that many more just don’t make the visit because their fear is too strong. And yet, the importance of regular dental checkups is undeniable, as many of our previous articles and professional experiences point out. So how can a person successfully deal with dental anxiety?

Keep Up With Your Routine

Starting and maintaining a good routine of oral hygiene helps many of our patents overcome their dental fears. When they brush for two minutes twice a day, supplemented with mouthwash and flossing, it boosts their confidence. They take pride in showing their dentist how well they take care of their teeth.

But what if you haven’t been taking care of your teeth? That might be a contributing factor to your fear! In that case, visiting the Placerville Dental Group is still a great thing to do! We offer one-on-one training and assistance in setting up a personalized oral hygiene routine. This helps you overcome your fear. In effect, visiting us can give you a “clean slate,” setting you up for better oral hygiene in the future.

Try A Little Kindness

This subheading shrinks down to an acronym: TALK. Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship, professional or otherwise. When you talk to anyone in the Placerville Dental Group, we listen, and we “try a little kindness” in speaking with you as well. Honestly explain to us what part of your dental visit might bother you. If you feel up to discussing the backstory on what brings that fear of dentistry, we’re “all ears” about your teeth. Knowing the “root” cause of your fears often identifies the best ways to overcome it.

Dental Fear? — You’re Not Alone

Many patients find it comforting to know that others share their anxiety, and perhaps have very similar experiences. We might be able to relate a few examples if we know about your fears. Perhaps another person’s method of coping might benefit you as well. Also, you don’t have to be alone on your visit. If you have a friend or family member that you want to accompany you, please bring them along.

In-House Options for Anxiety Treatment

If you schedule an appointment at the Placerville Dental Group, we don’t have to put you in the chair right away. We’d like to hear about any fears or concerns before taking that step. We want to make sure we know what causes your anxiety, so we can work with you to overcome it. If your fear revolves around suspected pain, let us know. We offer several options to reduce any pain, including numbing gels and/or oral conscious sedation (commonly called “sleep dentistry”).

Although the Placerville Dental Group is fully aware of dental anxieties, we also do everything possible to alleviate them so that you get the best possible care for your teeth. Please let us know about your fears and concerns over the phone, when you schedule an appointment online, or when you come in for your visit. We can help you conquer your dental fears!

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