Bleeding Gums, What Can Be Done?

Should You Ignore Bleeding Gums?

Your mouth can talk, but your gums can’t. Or can they? What are your gums trying to say if they bleed when you floss or brush them? Are they pleading with you to stop brushing or flossing? No, just the opposite is true!

Bleeding gums don’t mean doom and gloom for your dental health, unless you ignore them and hope the bleeding goes away. Gums bleed for various reasons, but the most common is poor or inconsistent oral hygiene habits. Gums bleed when they get inflamed, and they get inflamed when plaque and tartar builds up on teeth. The gums get irritated, they become swollen and red and then bleed easily. This is an early sign of gum disease.

Should I Keep Flossing and Brushing?

If your gums bleed when you floss them, don’t stop flossing them! Floss more often, but use the correct technique. Dental floss is not designed to saw between your teeth as if you were a lumberjack. It should also not be forced deep into the gums, which can damage tissue. Using a clean part of the floss for each pass, curve the floss into a “C” shape. Move it up and down around each tooth, and gently include move it under the gumline. Do not forget those back teeth either! Scrape the floss up and down the backs of those teeth as well.

When it comes to brushing, remember that bleeding gums are crying out for attention. Don’t brush less, brush better! At least twice a day, with a soft bristle brush, for two minutes, use short gentle strokes at a 45 degree angle toward the gumline. Brush each tooth individually, and don’t forget the backs of your front teeth. Brush every part of every tooth you want to keep!

Visit Your Dentist ASAP

Along with your diligent home dental care, if your gums are bleeding make an appointment to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Your Placerville dentist uses tools to clean under your gumline to attack the tartar, plaque and bacteria responsible for your bleeding gums. The dental professionals at the Placerville Dental Group will also discuss your brushing and flossing techniques to keep your gums healthy.

If your gums are bleeding, don’t ignore them. With a good routine of dental hygiene they’ll soon be thanking you for listening.

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