The First 100 Years with Dental Hygienists

With the passing of 2013, dentistry marked one hundred years of service with dental hygienists. The first dental hygienist was trained in 1913 by Dr. Alfred Fones, a Connecticut dentist. His trained assistant, Irene Newman, helped Dr. Fones by performing routine dental cleanings and educating his patients about proper oral hygiene. After realizing the advantages of having such a trained person working alongside him in his dental practice, Dr. Fones opened the first School of Dental Hygiene at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. The first graduating class went on to perform dental cleanings and educational work for the Connecticut public schools system. Dental hygienists were on their way to a century of successful labor for the sake of better health.

The Responsibilities of Dental Hygienists

They answered all my questions and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.” — Holly, a satisifed patient at the Placerville Dental Group

The United States’ leading organization for dentistry, the American Dental Association lists the following responsibilities of dental hygienists:

  • Perform initial screening to assess the patient’s oral health.
  • X-ray the teeth and jawbones for the dentist.
  • Clean the teeth by removing tartar and plaque.
  • Apply protective sealants and fluoride to the teeth.
  • Teach effective personal dental hygiene.
  • Explain the connection between diet, nutrition and dental health.
  • Take impressions of the teeth for constructing ceramic models.
  • Keep accurate patient records.

Our Placerville dentists rely on dental hygienists to assist then with many of these essential responsibilities. A dental hygienist has received significant training and experience in dental procedures and educational methods. They are skilled, licensed staff members and valuable contributors to our Placerville dental practice.

Meet the Hygienists!

Meet our hygienists by scheduling an appointment for a dental exam and cleaning. Congratulate your hygienist on their completion of a century of service to the American public. The Placerville Dental Group joins the American Dental Hygienists’ Association in applauding one hundred years of dental hygienists in dentistry.

Jan 9, 2014 | Dental Profession


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