Protecting Our Patients Through Good Hygiene

Cleanliness Rules!

The dentists and hygienists at the Placerville Dental Group take your health and well-being seriously! That’s why we do our best to follow the guidelines for dental offices established by the Centers for Disease Control. We work hard to make sure your dental procedures take place in a clean environment so you have a worry-free visit and recovery.

Dental Sanitation Practices

In our dental practice, all surfaces, including the exam chair, are regularly decontaminated. Tools are sanitized for each patient. Our dental team washes their hands regularly and put on new gloves for each client. Much of this might sound like common sense, since everyone should expect that their dental office practices proper hygiene techniques! The Placerville Dental Group prides itself on doing its best for patients and their families. From a young one coming in for their first visit, to our patients seen regularly for years, we strive to provide first class service.

First Class Treatment Starts at Home

That’s why we remind our patients that their first class treatment starts at home! With a daily oral care routine that includes brushing and flossing, many dental complications and problems can be avoided “down the road.” While our office is fully equipped for complex procedures and our dental professionals have a lot of experience filling cavities, extracting decayed teeth, installing dentures and implants, we prefer assisting our patients to maintain their oral health and smile with their original teeth! Those teeth are “made for your mouth” and are what’s best for you, so take care of them!

Of course, we understand that sometimes dental complications are unavoidable, especially due to unexpected accidents or trauma. If you are experiencing dental pain, bleeding, or loose teeth, come see us right away! Call to make an appointment and we will make sure you are greeted warmly at our clean and friendly downtown Placerville dental clinic!


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