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Every individual working at the Placerville Dental Group has your dental health as their main goal. They want to make sure that your smile is the best it can be, and that your health of your teeth and gums stays in top shape. That includes not only your dentist, but their assistant, the hygienist, the specialist, and the scheduler at the front desk. It even includes people you might not ever see, who work in labs offsite to support your oral health. Some of these people are called dental technicians. What does a dental technician do?

Behind the Scenes with Dental Technicians

A dental technician works behind the scenes to create the dental product ordered for you by your dentist. Technicians make things like crowns, dental implants, bridges, dentures, retainers, and other dental appliances. They stay in close contact with your dentist to verify what materials need to be used, if there are any updates to the patient’s condition or needs, and status updates as the product is built. Working in a well-equipped laboratory, a dental technician uses anything from hand tools to lasers to 3D printers to make the product you need to improve your smile or protect your oral health.

Common Duties of Dental Technicians

The responsibilities of a dental technician include things like:

  • Trimming and pouring dental models
  • Fabricating crowns, implants, bridges and other prostheses
  • Finishing full and partial dentures
  • Maintaining digital records of fabrications and preparing reports on material

Dental technicians require a diverse set of skills and training. They may need to use their skills in scientific fields like mathematics, biology, engineering, and even business management. With the high demand for products like dental implants, many dental technicians hone their skills at multitasking to develop several products simultaneously. Attention to detail guarnatees that each patient’s product remains within its design parameters.

Many design and manufacturing techniques have migrated from tiny drills and chisels to computer-aided design (CAD). As a result, dental technicians are trained to use that technology for using things like 3D modeling and printers, robotic assistance, and automated crafting techniques.

Even with the aid of computers and automation, a dental technician’s job requires a measure of artistic skill. Since every mouth is different, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to giving you your best smile. Just like the Placerville Dental Group, a dental technician’s job is to make your smile the best it can be, and that means it needs to be your smile. We work with dental technicians who understand that principle. If you would like to know more about dental technicians and what they can do for you, bring up the subject at your next visit to the Placerville Dental Group. You can arrange one using our online form or by calling our office.


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