Backstage Support for Dentistry

When you state a quote from your favorite movie, do you think of the actor who said it or the writer who wrote it? When you think of a favorite song, do you picture the performer or the composer? During a medical checkup, do you consider the doctor or the nurse? It’s only natural to pay attention to the main performer or primary medical provider. Nevertheless, they have support staff and assistants to help them accomplish the task at hand.

The same is true in the dental field. It’s likely that you focus your attention on your dentist at the Placerville Dental Group, and that’s good. You might not consider the scheduling staff, the hygienist, or the help of insurance groups like Premier Access Dental. However, they all play a vital role, helping your dentist provide you with top quality dental care. One of these people who provide essential support to your oral health is the dental technician.

What Does a Dental Technician Do?

Your dentist at the Placerville Dental Group relies on professional dental technicians to craft custom appliances, bridges, crowns, veneers, and implant fittings to preserve the functionality of your teeth. They use the best materials available to restore or improve your smile. The dental technicians we work with never stop honing their skills and improving their knowledge, maintaining their qualifications with training. Organizations like the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry offer hands-on training and certifications that must remain valid for them to be certified in the field.

Your dentist supplies the dental technician with a mold of your mouth, measurements, x-rays, digital images, and other details for creating the prosthetic product. They also discuss the types of materials to use and any limitations, restrictions or medical conditions that might pose a concern. Using modern tools and techniques, the dental technician fabricates, trims, finishes, and polishes the replacement teeth, dentures, bridges, retainers, and more so they’re ready to meet your mouth. They also keep detailed records for each case to ensure that each product is made to design specifications.

Cookie Cutters are for Kitchens!

Since every mouth is different, each case is handled individually – “one size fits most” is not an option for making custom dental appliances! The dental technician makes sure the created product is perfect for your individual smile. All this work is typically done in a separate lab, away from the eyes of the patient, but your Placerville dentist gives the technician all the details they need to create just the right product to complete your smile.

While the requested product is “under construction,” you might need a temporary crown, bridge or dentures until your personal dental appliance is ready. These “stand-ins” are soon removed and replaced by your own appliance made specifically for your mouth by qualified dental technicians.

Fabricating dental appliances is a fascinating profession. If you find the details listed here intriguing, feel free to contact our office to find out more. We’d be happy to supply you with further information on how dental technicians make your smile complete. Give our office a call, or schedule an appointment with our convenient online form here on our website. Let’s all give our backstage support “kudos” for the great job they do!


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