Springtime Dental Makeover

Spring is here early, but lets hope our Placerville area receives more rain along with the warming temperatures! Many people associate spring time with renewal, a time to get organized and start planning for summer. In March there’s plenty of time to get ready for swimsuit season, graduations and weddings! Have you been thinking of cosmetic dental restoration to makeover your smile in preparation for summer events? Why not consider professional dental treatments to improve your smile right now!

Three Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Does whitening damage the teeth?

Not when the directions are followed. The active whitening agent in bleaching kits, carbamide peroxide, when combined with water, creates hydrogen peroxide and whitens teeth. Bleaching does not weaken teeth when used for only a short time. In-office whitening is always followed by an additional treatment that protects the surface of the enamel.

Do over-the-counter whitening kits really work?

TV commercials may promise that drugstore whitening treatments work in just a few days. While this can be true to some extent, the results obtained with non-prescription tooth whitening kits are minimal and varied at best. These kits can also be expensive and, to get the results you seek, you may end up buying two or three treatments for only limited results.

If I want whiter teeth, what should I do?

Professional teeth whitening, supervised by our Placerville dentists, is the safest and most economical way to get the brighter smile you want. In just one visit, our dental professionals provide lasting whitening results without harsh abrasives using the Boost tooth whitening system. Standard tooth whitening is also available and custom whitening trays are created just for you to provide the most effective results.

For more a more permanent smile makeover, custom veneers not only whiten teeth but improve their shape and cover gaps, making teeth look straight. If you’d like a complete smile makeover for spring and summer by using veneers or Lumineers, or would like professional tooth whitening, contact us today for a free consultation to start the process!


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