Boost Teeth Whitening

Boost tooth whitening is an in-office treatment system.

A Boost patient before treatment.

Do you want white teeth?
Do you want really white teeth?
Do you want them in one hour?
Do you want them yesterday?
You might have to wait until tomorrow, but Opalescent Boost tooth whitening gets your teeth really white, really fast. Using a powerful yet safe product, the Boost process will whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter, in one visit, in one hour. What are the advantages of Boost over other whitening processes?

  • Time – In one visit to the Placervile Dental Group your teeth are whiter. Done! Finished! Say cheese!
  • Comfort – While some tooth whitening procedures can leave your teeth sensitive, clients using the Boost system experience no or minimal sensitivity.
  • Boost tooth whitening effectively removes tooth stains.

    The same patient after Boost treatment with whiter teeth.

    Experience – The dentists at Placerville Dental Group administer the entire Boost procedure. Your job is to just sit, relax and wait to meet your newly improved smile.

  • Results – Compared to over-the-counter whitening systems? There is no comparison! Professional whitening with Boost is faster, safer and more comfortable.

Make your appointment today for a Boost procedure with the Placerville Dental Group and plan on gorgeous, whiter teeth in your very near future!

Tooth Whitening Methods Compared

Methods Treatment of Time Results Notes
Boost! Chairside 45 Minutes Avg. 8 shades Immediate results
Long lasting
Less fadeback
Safe & comfortable
Performed by a dental professional
At Home Trays 7-14 Days 6 shades Self applied
No immediate results
Whitening Strips or Paint on gel 7-30 Days 3-4 shades Inconsistent tooth whitening
No immediate results
Toothpaste 1 Month + 1-2 shades Results fade if you stop using toothpaste
Superficial stains only

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