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Make Orthodontics Work Faster

Are you or a family member considering orthodontics? Understandably, most patients say, “The sooner the braces are off, the better!” Our dentists at the Placerville Dental Group couldn’t agree more! Propel is an orthodontic treatment designed to reduce the time required for wearing braces or Invisalign by up to half! That means a comprehensive smile improvement could take less than one year!

What is Propel?

Propel works by stimulating the bone that holds the teeth in place. This allows the teeth to shift faster into their ideal positions. It’s a quick procedure, completed in one office visit. It can be done at the start of your orthodontic treatment or at certain periods during orthodontic treatment. Propel can be used even if it was not elected at the beginning of the treatment period..

How Propel Works

Propel accelerates orthodontic treatment in the following ways:

  • Makes the bone more pliable on each side of the tooth, so the tooth is better able move into the right position with the orthodontics.
  • Increases blood flow, stimulating bone regrowth, quickly restoring jawbone strength as the teeth follow the pull of braces or Invisalign.

A dentist who has thoroughly studied the Propel treatment, Dr. Cristina Teixeira of New York University, said this about Propel: “By using this method we are amplifying the patient’s response to orthodontic forces….We could reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment more than 60% with this minor procedure.”

Can You Use Propel?

Consult with our Placerville dental professionals to find out if Propel will work for you. We will discuss your goals and orthodontic treatment plan, comparing them with the results you’re hoping to achieve. Propel works with any type of orthodontics. Patients with Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, ordinary braces and other kinds of orthodontics can speed up treatment with Propel and see their new smile faster!

I Want Propel!

Any patient with the Placerville Dentistry Group may request Propel. If you originally received orthodontic treatment elsewhere, feel free to contact us for information about Propel. Save time, reduce your dental visits and get those braces off “sooner instead of later!” Call our Placerville dental clinic, use our appointment form on this website or visit our downtown Placerville office for a Propel consultation!

I Want to Propel My Orthodontics!


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