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Lemon and lime contains citric acid.

Citric Acid Has Your Teeth in the Crosshairs

When you think of citric acid and your teeth, what’s the first image to come to mind? Sucking on a lemon or lime wedge? Lemonade? Mountain Dew? Those are all very potent sources of citric acid, but the list also includes many staples of the...

The question of whether lemons are good for your teeth is answered in this article provide by our Placerville dentists.

Are Lemons Souring Your Teeth?

Facts About Citrus and Your Dental Health Lemons — they’re getting into everything! For years people have added a small slice of lemon to their ice tea or drinking water. That small amount is not likely to damage your tooth enamel. However, lately the habit of...

Our Placerville dental patients need to know about the dangers of sour candies.

Why Sour Candy Hurts Your Teeth

Citric acid, the flavoring which produces the sour taste in these items, is the most erosive dietary acid." -- Prof. John Ruby, University of AlabamaSour candies are more popular than ever before. A short list of the best-selling types of sour sweets includes:Sweet Tarts Sour Gummi...