Receiving Your Aligners

The Placerville Dental Group uses Invisalign technology and experience to create a treatment plan and then order a series of customized, clear aligners, crafted just for you. Made from toxin-free plastics, these aligners are designed to avoid irritating your cheeks and gums.

After your first set of aligners arrives at our Placerville dental office, a few small, smooth, specifically molded aligner attachments are glued to either the front or back of specific teeth. These attachments secure your aligners and allow the gentle forces of Invisalign to improve your bite. Like the aligners, the attachments are very hard to notice, should never irritate your mouth and require no special care.

After demonstrating how to use the aligners, your dentist will send you home with protective cases for your new set of aligners and one previous set. Wear your aligners every day, for at least 20 to 22 hours, taking them off for cleaning, eating or special occasions. New aligners continue your treatment and generally arrive every two weeks.

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