Is Dental Sedation Safe for Children?

The Placerville Dental Group works with parents to make sure their children receive the best dental care because we understand safety is very important. This includes selecting the right dental sedation option when your child needs oral surgery. Dental sedation is safe and helps our Placerville dentists quickly complete dental procedures, while giving parents peace of mind. Good communication between the Placerville Dental Group and parents ensures children spend less time in the dental chair, while giving them treatment they need.

Oral Sedation Options Available

Oral sedation may include a pill taken by mouth at the appointment. This kind of oral sedation doesn’t put patients to sleep, but it reduces anxiety and keeps the patient relaxed. Some patients with severe dental anxiety may also choose this option for routine dental care, like cleanings.

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” also helps children remain calm. It is administered with a mask. A few deeps breaths of nitrous oxide works very quickly to help the patient relax and sit in a dream like state. Patients are able to follow requests, such as “open your mouth wider” or “turn your head,” but are mostly unaware and do not feel pain. During the procedure, the patient’s blood oxygen level, blood pressure, temperature and heart rate are closely monitored by our dental professionals for extra safety. At the end of the procedure, pure oxygen is given to the patient through the mask to clear out the nitrous oxide and help the patient wake up.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises parents that children tolerate sedation and other dental procedures best when parents are informed about the procedure and sedation choices available. Before any procedure, the dentist discusses all aspects of the procedure and answers any questions from parents and children. Our Placerville dentists also provide detailed after care instructions to follow with every procedure requiring sedation to reduce complications and aid healing. For example, parents must restrict food and drink before sedation to prevent possible vomiting. Or it may be necessary to get extra rest, eat soft foods and take pain medication after oral surgery, as with wisdom teeth extraction.

After Sedation

Parents are asked to be with their child, especially younger ones, while their child wakes up after sedation. They may be confused, fussy or nauseous. After lengthy dental procedures involving sedation, we do not recommend going to back to school for a couple of days and will provide a note if needed.

Dental sedation is a safe option for children when managed properly. Clear communication with the Placerville Dental Group ensures a successful dental procedure, with less stress! If your child needs oral surgery, contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss sedation options available specific to your child’s needs and comfort level to ensure success from start to finish.

Nov 2, 2017 | Oral Surgery


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