How to Brush Your Teeth and Save Water

The Tap Makes All the Difference

Placerville’s hills are turning green for spring, a sign that we received the much-needed rain for Northern California. During this record drought, conserving water became a way of life. Since it’s raining, do we still need to save water? Yes! Should you stop brushing your teeth to save water? No! Of course, the dentists at the Placerville Dental Group don’t think you’d stop brushing your teeth to conserve water, but we’d like to propose that our patients turn off the tap while brushing to save even more. Just how much water can each person save if they pledge not leave the faucet running while they brush?

You can save up to eight gallons every time you brush your teeth by turning off the tap when it is not in use.

This tap is not actively in use and should be turned off to save water.

The oral health company Colgate teamed up with the Nature Conservancy to promote water conservation, and they say that each person can save eight gallons of water a day by turning off the tap while brushing. That’s 32 gallons a day for a family of four!

At the same time, water is important to our oral health. Children and adults who drink fluoridated water have stronger teeth and bones. Healthy teeth with strong enamel are more resistant to cavities. To save money, fill a reusable water bottle. Using a refillable water bottle also reduces waste.

To prevent tooth decay and weak enamel while saving water, brush twice a day (with the tap off) for two minutes each time, floss daily and drink plenty of water. And don’t forget — for professional and caring dental care, visit our dental clinic on 699 Main Street, Suite B, in downtown Placerville. Our dentists and hygienists not only care about the beautiful area we live in, we also care about our patients! For comprehensive dental care, contact our dental office to schedule an appointment at (530) 444-5322 or by using our online form.

Mar 24, 2016 | Oral Maintenance


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