Why Become a Dentist?

It can be overwhelming to consider what career path to choose. There are so many different jobs out there – some are convenient or simple, others are difficult and rare. Sure, everyone wants to get paid well, but it’s also important to consider a job that will be personally rewarding. Despite what you might see on TV or hear from family members, no amount of money will keep you happy while doing a job you hate.

That’s one of the main reasons dentistry is listed among the 100 best jobs according to U.S. News and World Report. Dentistry provides a good balance of challenges, rewards, and growth to last a lifetime, while providing a service is continually in demand. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), practicing dentist-to-population ratios range around 42 to 108 dentists per 100,000 people, depending on the community. As the population grows, the demand for dentists only increases.

Benefits of Being a Dentist

So, what are some of the reasons people decide to become dental professionals?

  • Improving the health of individuals – whether a result of single or multiple visits, dentists experience the privilege of improving the health and life of their patients. When patients experience restored or improved oral health, they often show their appreciation to everyone at the Placerville Dental Group, and that makes us all happy to help.
  • Independent work routine – dentists often set their own goals without having to conform to a larger company or organization. You get to be the boss and manage what direction your business goes, as well as set your own hours. You can hire staff that work well with you and follow the same work ethic.
    Respected by the community – people appreciate the work dentists do. Dentists are highly regarded by patients, business officials, and other groups for contributing to public health and improving the lives of community members.
  • Variety of career options – although 80% of dental professionals offer a private practice in general dentistry, the ADA recognizes 12 different dental specialties. With a little more time and training, you can focus on one or more of these specific areas of dental practice.

Of course, there are a few challenges to being a dentist. For instance, it’s important to keep up with the latest techniques and equipment, research new methods, and make sure to continually hone your skills. It’s often a challenge helping patients cope with fear or anxiety, and let’s not forget the need to work within the cramped space of the mouth. Agile, steady hands and fine motor skills are a must! Nevertheless, here at the Placerville Dental Group we believe the benefits and rewards far outweigh the challenges.

Have you ever considered a career in dentistry? Do you have any questions about it? Please ask your Placerville dentist at your next appointment, or you can make some inquiries with our staff at the Placerville Dental Group.

Apr 14, 2022 | Dental Profession


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