Implant Dentures and Sleep Apnea

Many denture patients wish they still had their natural teeth. Dentures represent a big improvement over diseased and painful teeth, and are better than no teeth at all, but there are limitations to what dentures can do when compared to real teeth. Many denture patients find it difficult to get the perfect fit for their dentures and have experienced embarrassment or discomfort from loose fitting dentures. Implant-mounted dentures solve this problem by creating a solid foundation for both upper and lower dentures. Very few implants are needed by our Placerville dentists to attach a “pop-in” denture, making them very economical.

Another Advantage of Implant Dentures

As people age, various factors may lead to the development of sleep apnea. Extra weight gain, weak muscle tone, a lifetime physiological problem that is only diagnosed as it worsens — many factors contribute to recognizing that snoring and daytime tiredness don’t just happen because of “getting older,” but may also result from a nighttime blockage of the air passages. When this happens, the brain’s response to a lack of oxygen in the blood is to “wake” the sleeper and force them to gasp for air. This happens hundreds of times a night in sleep apnea patients, but they seldom recognize the issue and assume they sleep just fine. What they don’t realize is they never reach the restful, deep sleep that all of us require for healthy living. If you find you are lethargic and run down during the day or have been told by your partner you are snoring, consider the possibility that you may be suffering from interrupted sleep due to sleep apnea.

One sleep apnea solution for many patients is an oral appliance. For denture wearers, however, the lack of teeth poses a problem when it comes to using oral appliances that generally mount onto the teeth. With dental implants, however, the same foundation for your dentures becomes your nighttime attachment for a rejuvenating oral appliance that corrects sleep apnea and improves sleep. Many of our clients prefer these appliances over using Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines (pumps that force air into the lungs), because an oral appliance is silent, requires no electricity, is small and portable. Significant others report an end or reduction in snoring and patients wake up feeling much better because of improved sleep quality. So implants are an ideal method for securely mounting dentures and for also for using oral appliances.

How to Order Implant Dentures and Oral Appliances

The Placerville Dental Group offers free consultations for clients interested in any of the following procedures:

  • Determining if they suffer from sleep apnea;
  • Dental solutions for sleep apnea;
  • Oral appliance fitting for implants;
  • Installing implants to affix dentures;
  • Determining if dentures are required.

If you need assistance with any of these sleep apnea, dental implant or denture issues, contact our local Placerville dental office. We look forward to explaining the benefits of dental implants and oral appliances for denture wearers and sleep apnea patients so you can experience better sleep, more energy and a healthy mouth!

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