How Do You Describe the Dental Chair?

To be frank, some people call the dental chair “torture.” Of course, any of our Placerville dentists would not agree, but we realize that many people have very real fears of dental instruments, sounds, smells and noises. They don’t like the feelings created by the procedures and no amount of painkiller seems to get the job done for them. If any of these things describe you, the Placerville Dental Group has a solution and it’s called “oral conscious sedation.”

Why Oral Conscious Sedation?

Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry has evolved because many people stay away from the dentist due to fear of the dental chair. The end result is usually horrible decay, awful gum disease, incredible tooth ache (far beyond the pain created by dental instruments) and the loss of teeth. What causes such awful fear? In some cases a traumatic childhood dental experience led to these feelings. In others, a failure to react to certain pain medications may lead to a strong sense of distrust. Whatever the cause, sedation dentistry solves the problem.

With oral conscious sedation our dentist administers a strong oral sedative, in pill or liquid form, before your procedure. Although you are technically awake, you have no recollection of the entire dental procedure. We follow all of the necessary pain management protocols during your treatment, so that when you finally wake up, you feel like any other well-cared for patient, but without any memory of the treatment process. From dental cleanings to tooth extractions, sleep dentistry is used with great success to get reluctant patients into the dental chair.

Can I Try Sleep Dentistry?

Our dentists can use sedation dentistry with almost any patient! Simply let our staff know ahead of time that you want to try oral conscious sedation and we’ll be prepared for you. The cost is minimal compared to the expense and consequences of delaying necessary treatment. For more information about sleep dentistry, contact us via our website, at 530-295-8000 or stop by our convenient Placerville location on 699 Main Street in Suite B. Look for the big sign right out front and plenty of parking spaces. We look forward to helping you escape the “torture”!

I Want to Try Sleep Dentistry

Jul 23, 2015 | Dental Products


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