Should I Super Glue a Crown?

Super Glue or Krazy Glue is best used on household items, not your real teeth.

What to do if you lose a crown and you’re nowhere near a dentist? Should you use Super Glue or Krazy Glue to put it back? The quick answer is no. While these permanent glues can be used to suture up wounds in an outback emergency, they are not designed for fixing dental work. Let our Placerville dentists explain why.

Why Not Glue My Crown?

You may think we’re just trying to make more money by asking you to come in to the dental office to fix your crown, but that’s not the point. As we mentioned, these glues are permanent! Crowns are designed to stay on tight, but to be removable in a dental chair. Occasionally, they are dislodged by the patient, but only after many years of use. Fix a crown with permanent glue, however, and now the only way to remove it is by grinding it away or breaking the tooth.

Why might you need to remove a crown? It’s not uncommon for decay to work it’s way up from the roots, not down from the crown. If your crown is essentially unremovable and you face root decay, the pain will be extreme and your dentist will have an extremely difficult time fixing it. It may even lead to the loss of the tooth. Another problem lies with the fit you create when you replace the crown. If you misalign it, a lot of effort will be required to fix it.

How Can I Fix a Broken Crown?

The best fix is to come to the Placerville Dental Group for emergency dentistry. If you’re really out of the way, denture adhesive can help hold the crown in place if you don’t use that side of your mouth for chewing. Carrying a small dental first aid kit, with items purchased from the drugstore for temporary use, can be a useful practice. In a future article we’ll talk about things to include in such a kit.

Are Glues Good For Anything?

One use for Super Glue or Krazy Glue as a first aid dental item is for fixing a broken denture. If you’re away from the dentist and not likely to see one soon, but still want to chew with teeth, you can repair a denture with these glues. Just make sure you practice putting the broken pieces together before applying the adhesive. The denture likely wont fit like it did before and will require at a minimum professional repair and at the worst complete replacement. In either case, come see one of our Placerville dentists as soon as possible. So yes, permanent adhesives are good for something, but it’s not replacing crowns!

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