Cosmetically Speaking

The Placerville Dental Group wants to make sure your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth stay as healthy and clean as it they be for your whole life. That’s one of the main reasons for semiannual checkups — they make sure your oral health is not compromised or declining. If so, we determine the best way to bring your oral health back.

But besides health, many people also want their teeth to look fantastic — no chips, no cracks, no stains. They want straight, white teeth that impress all who see them. At the Placerville Dental Group, we’re happy to help all our patients reach their dental goals.

Making a Better Smile

Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures that give functional teeth an improved appearance. With today’s modern technology, cosmetic dentistry is more comfortable, convenient, and easier than ever. This puts the most common cosmetic procedures easily within many patients’ budgets.

In many cases, these cosmetic procedures go along with standard restorative or reconstruction procedures. For example, instead of using metal amalgams to fill cavities, we typically use durable composite resins that have the same color as your teeth, maintaining their natural appearance. Instead of using metal crowns to repair damaged teeth (although some people prefer still prefer shiny “caps”), we use lifelike ceramic crowns.

One of the main concerns with smiles, however, is typically the color. White teeth are sought after by anyone wanting a great smile. Professional tooth whitening improves the whiteness of your teeth by several shades. For more permanent options, dental veneers are thin coverings placed over the front, visible part of the tooth. Veneers help with heavily stained teeth that don’t respond to other treatments. They can also fill in gaps, minor chips, and blemishes, so your smile is once again complete and evenly white.

Don’t Cut Your Smile Short

With some patients, it doesn’t take much to give them a fantastic smile. With others, it might take a treatment or two. In all these cases, modern developments have allowed anyone who wants a better smile to get one — more easily, conveniently, and affordably. Do you think your smile could improve, cosmetically speaking? Let’s discuss your options during your next routine checkup. If you don’t have a visit already scheduled, we can also help you with that over the phone. Or if you prefer, fill out our online form.

Feb 18, 2021 | Cosmetic Dentistry


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