How You Use Perio Protect

Fight Gum Disease While Doing Chores!

You can fight gum disease while doing chores if you use Perio Protect from our Placerville dentists.Using Perio Protect with the prescribed medication for just a few minutes a day is all that is needed to fight your gum disease. To use Perio Protect, you simply add medicine from your dentist or pharmacist to the dental trays. Put the trays in your mouth (they are tailored to your teeth only, so they fit snugly and stay in place). While wearing your custom fit mouth trays, you can watch TV, use the computer, do chores, read or exercise, all while waging war against oral bacteria! Afterwards, simply remove and clean the trays while enjoying the benefits of improved dental health!

For more information about how Perio Protect can help treat your nagging problems with gum disease, bad breath and excessive tartar or plaque, ask for a consultation with the dentists at the Placerville Dental Group today!

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