All-on-4 Dental Implants in Lake Tahoe, CA

Romantic couple smiling and cuddling on a sunny dayIf any dentist has ever told you that you’re not a good candidate for implants or a full mouth restoration, then the All-on-4® product is particularly designed for you! A serious problem suffered by many adults is that they have no teeth or very poor teeth due to bone destruction. The only way you can install dental implants is with a lot of strong jawbone! Now the Placerville Dental Group provides you an effective solution to this complication.

The All-on-4® Resolution

Before, the only remedy for a loss of jawbone was appending more bone with grafting. Albeit bone grafting has advantages, it also increases expense and needs more time for mending. The All-on-4® solution to the bone grafting challenge was initiated over thirty years ago in Portugal. Research, sampling and development, followed by decades of study around the world, led to quite obvious validation of the following advantages that come from All-on-4®:

  • Lower Expense — Half the price of implants typically comes from the demand for jawbone grafting. Eliminating jawbone grafts lessens the budget of the All-on-4® procedure.
  • Higher Grade — If you don’t experience jawbone grafts, you need finer implants that can still fasten snugly to available jawbone. All-on-4® implants were especially engineered for this task.
  • Minimal Time — All-on-4® eliminates the recovery time involved for bone grafts and quickly provides a working, healthy attachment to the jawbone for most patients.
  • Superior Esthetics — By providing teeth on the same day of the procedure, All-on-4® starts building patient self-confidence immediately!

So, if you are worn out with broken dentures or have endeavored to brave life without teeth, the All-on-4® process is developed to help you and the Placerville Dental Group is ready to assist with this life-adjusting treatment.

The All-on-4® Procedure

What Are Your Goals?

Initially, we want to understad what your desires are for a full mouth reconstruction. Are you satisfied with your lower or upper jaw and just need to replace one arch? Do both arches need reconstruction? Do you have any medical, physical, or behavioral issues that affect the decisions we make to create the best possible result? Do you desire permanently attached dentures or “snap-in” dentures that are removable for brushing your teeth?

Determining Dental Implant Placement

After deciding on your plans, we then move to the consideration of where to locate your dental implants. Placing dental implants is exact work. Our doctor needs to understand exactly how much jawbone you have and where the bones are strongest. The length and location of the implants are chosen by taking scans and x-rays of the mouth and the surrounding jawbone scaffold. All-on-4® provides different sizes of dental implants and designs of dental prosthetics based on your personal requirements.

How to Make the Precise Smile

We also look at your smile. Complete gratification is our objective, and that means building a functional implant that works properly and looks remarkable to you and others! Based on the shape of your lower and upper jaws, the way you smile, and the best length of your gums and teeth, some cosmetic revisions on your gums may be needed during the procedure.

Attaching the Implants

After completing our careful planning stage, you return to the office for the installation of your implants. Any cosmetic alterations to the gums are also completed at this time. The dental implants are tested at the time of attachment. If they can hold the expected tension from chewing, we attach a set of “healing dentures” on the implants. These are secured, temporary dentures that limit the forces placed on your implants.

Completing Your Implant Treatment

After a healing period of two to three months, the implants have integrated with your jawbone and can handle the forces generated by chewing with standard dentures. Throughout that time, your custom dentures were made conforming to your specifications. When you return, we remove the healing dentures and apply the long-term dentures. If they are the detachable kind, we make sure you can take them off easily before leaving our clinic.

With your brand new, complete group of teeth, you can return to enjoying the diet you like, to communicating normally, to singing, and to smiling with confidence! The implants brace your jaw and maintain the remaining bone. Your self-confidence and appearance improve, and a crucial part of your life seems comfortable again!

For more information about how All-on-4® can benefit you in Lake Tahoe, please contact us at Placerville Dental Group.

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