All-on-4 Dental Implants in Georgetown, CA

Romantic couple smiling and cuddling on a sunny dayAll-on-4® is a complete treatment especially established for patients without enough bone for conventional dental implants. Previously, if a patient had not enough jawbone left for implants, they only had two choices: common dentures or a bone graft procedure. All-on-4® includes the choice for dental implants without requiring a bone graft.

The All-on-4® Remedy

Before, the only cure for a loss of bone was appending more bone with grafting. Whereas bone grafting has advantages, it also adds expenses and demands more time for recuperation. The All-on-4® cure to the jawbone grafting problem was initiated over thirty years ago in Portugal. Examination, testing and progression, followed by decades of scientific study around the globe, led to obviously clear confirmation of the following advantages that come from All-on-4®:

  • Lesser Budget — Half the budget of dental implants typically comes from the requirement of jawbone grafting. Eliminating bone grafts lessens the budget of the All-on-4® procedure.
  • Heightened Standard — If you do not have bone grafts, you need better implants that can still affix correctly to remaining bone. All-on-4® implants were solely engineered for this job.
  • Minimal Time — All-on-4® eliminates the mending time involved for jawbone grafts and quickly offers a functioning, secure attachment to the jawbones for the majority of patients.
  • Finer Attractiveness — By attaching teeth on the same day of the treatment, All-on-4® starts restoring patient self-esteem quickly!

Utilizing All-on-4® lets more men and women benefit from the life-changing advantages of dental implants. And to provide more assurance, the entire All-on-4® product line is made by Nobel Biocare, a Scandinavian company that was the initial to market implants for use around the world.

The All-on-4® Procedure

What Are Your Objectives?

Only four implants are recommended to substitute for the teeth on the upper and lower curvature of the jaw, thus the name All-on-4®. During your initial consultation for All-on-4®, our Georgetown doctor discusses your plans. For example, do you desire permanently attached artificial teeth, or the style that snap-on and off the dental implants? What appearance and color would you need for the teeth? What is your dental background and how will it affect your treatment? Are you attaching All-on-4® for both the upper and lower arch, or just one?

Where to Attach Your Dental Implants?

Once your goals have been established, the next process is to discuss the application of your implants. The method of placing implants demands a significant deal of precision. To aid with this, scans and x-rays are made to reveal the vital jawbone shape that we use to attach your implants. Based on the remaining jawbone, we select the type of All-on-4® procedure needed and the dental implants recommended to ensure success.

How to Make the Precise Smile

We also look at your smile. Thorough contentment is our mission, and that means building a practical dental implant that works properly and looks great to you and others! Based on the shape of your upper and lower jaws, the manner in which you smile, and the best length of your teeth and gums, some cosmetic revisions on your gums may be required during the procedure.

Installing the implants

After finalizing our complete planning step, we bring you back to the office for the attachment of your dental implants. Any cosmetic alterations to the gums are also completed at this time. The dental implants are tested at the time of application. If they can withstand the anticipated forces from chewing, we attach a set of “healing dentures” on the implants. These are fixed, short-term dentures that reduce the forces placed on your implants.

Finishing Your Treatment

After a recovery period of two to three months, the implants have fused with your jawbone and can manage the forces created by eating with standard dentures. Throughout that time, your customized dentures were produced aligning with your specifications. After you return, we take out the healing dentures and attach the long-term dentures. If they are the removable sort, we make sure you can remove them easily before leaving our office.

With your brand new, complete group of teeth, you can return to experiencing the meals you like, to talking normally, to singing, and to smiling with self-esteem! The implants support your jaw and maintain the remaining bone. Your self-confidence and appearance improve, and a vital part of your life appears comfortable again!

For more information about the All-on-4® system for full mouth rehabilitation, contact Placerville Dental Group.

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