All-on-4 Dental Implants in El Dorado Hills, CA

Romantic couple smiling and cuddling on a sunny dayAll-on-4® is a complete treatment specifically founded for clients without enough jawbone for standard implants. In the past, if a client had no sufficient bone remaining for implants, they only had two choices: regular dentures or a jawbone graft treatment. All-on-4® presents the option for implants without needing a jawbone graft.

The All-on-4® Solution

All-on-4® includes a variety of benefits not available with standard dental implants treatments. For example, All-on-4® is:

  • Heightened Standard — The dental implants used with All-on-4® are specifically designed for customers with minimal bone.
  • Lower Cost — 50% of the budget for dental implants comes from the require for jawbone grafts. Eliminating bone grafts while safely depending on other bone reduces expense.
  • Less Time — Bone grafts must mend and firm up before implant procedures can start, lengthening the time from beginning to end. With All-on-4®, no bone grafts are needed.
  • Finer Esthetics — Many clients are prepared to leave our office with their initial set of “healing dentures” on the day we install their dental implants.

So if you are worn out with broken dentures or have endeavored to meet life without teeth, the All-on-4® technique is designed to help you and the Placerville Dental Group is ready to aid with this life-adjusting procedure.

The All-on-4® Procedure

What Are Your Plans?

First, we need to realize what your objectives are for a full mouth rehabilitation. Are you content with your lower or upper jaw and just need to replace one arch? Do both arches need modification? Do you have any physical, behavioral, or medical issues that affect the choices we make to create the most efficient possible result? Do you desire permanently secured artificial teeth or “snap-in” artificial teeth that are detachable for brushing?

Determining Dental Implant Installation

Once your objectives have been discussed, the following process is to determine the placement of your implants. The system of attaching dental implants necessitates a great deal of precision. To help with this, x-rays and scans are obtained to find the essential bone shape that we employ to anchor your dental implants. Based on the accessible bone, we select the style of All-on-4® procedure necessary and the dental implants recommended to ensure success.

How to Create the Perfect Smile

Digital data about your gumline, jaw, and bone structure is used to construct guides that aid the doctor to place the dental implants exactly. Certain tooth extractions may be required, and modifications might be made to your gumline for cosmetic reasons. The dental implants are all put in place at the same time. For most clients, after confirming the strength of the implants’ attachment to the jawbone, transitional “healing dentures” are screwed in place on the implants, so you can depart our dental clinic with a full collection of teeth on the same day as your treatment.

Finishing Your Process

Two to three months later, when the dental implants have fused with your bone, we affix the long-lasting dentures and your All-on-4® treatment is over. You leave with a fully capable set of teeth that rebuild your ability to eat, sing, and speak and live the way you want!

For more information about how All-on-4® can benefit you in El Dorado Hills, please contact us at the Placerville Dental Group.

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