Six Month Smiles Process

Getting a Six Month Smile with Placerville Dental Group

Treatment with Six Month Smiles first requires a consultation with one of our dentists at the Placerville Dental Group. Some issues, such as a large overbite or underbite, cannot be solved with Six Month Smiles, but can be helped with one of our other procedures. If your problem is crooked, spaced apart, crowded or twisted teeth, then Six Month Smiles is a good fit for your treatment needs.

After we determine what you want most out of your smile, we take pictures, X-rays and an impression of your teeth. This information is shared with the Six Month Smiles Laboratory, located in the United States. After consultation, a treatment plan is developed and your nearly invisible braces are installed during a follow-up visit.

Afterwards, you meet for adjustments every four to five weeks at our convenient Placerville office. When the procedure is complete, retention is necessary to keep your smile in its new perfected form. We provide you with a nighttime retainer or a bonded version that fits invisibly behind your teeth. Both options are simple and convenient.

At the Placerville Dental Group, we want our patients to have all the available options when it comes to improving their confidence with an improved smile. Six Month Smiles is another modern and effective treatment for the troubled smile. Come and see the Placerville Dental Group for a brand new smile today!

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