Six Month Smiles

Get Your Perfect Smile Quickly and Inexpensively

Are you tired or ashamed of having crooked, twisted, crowded or gapped teeth? Has the cost and time required for a full orthodontic workup, either with braces or Invisalign, kept you from fixing your troubled smile? Six Month Smiles from the Placerville Dental Group may be the inexpensive and relatively high-speed solution!

Six Month Smiles uses traditional braces with a new, modern focus: treat your smile with concern for your appearance. As a result, Six Month Smiles uses clear or tooth-colored braces so that your appearance throughout the procedure is comparable to users of Invisalign. Your treatment focus is not about perfecting your bite — it’s about perfecting your smile. This means that treatment times, and costs, are drastically reduced, making orthodontics and a great smile affordable for everyone.

You can learn more about Six Month Smiles here on our website or by visiting our comfortable Placerville offices. One of our experts can determine whether your situation is right for Six Month Smiles treatment, or if you would be better served by any of our other orthodontic or cosmetic solutions for creating a perfect smile. Find out if you can improve your confidence and your lifestyle with Six Month Smiles today!

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