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Same Day Crowns in Placerville

As research, development, and technological leaps continue in the dental industry, the benefits to the patient accumulate quickly! A common procedure in dentistry is attaching crowns to damaged teeth. (A crown is a cap placed over a prepared tooth to restore its strength and functionality.) Traditionally, the procedure involved putting a temporary crown in place while a specially trained technician molded and colored the final product to match a person’s smile. The procedure commonly required two or three visits to complete. But computer precision and automated processes (along with other improvements) offer the creation and attachment of dental crowns on the same day of your examination!

A Faster Method for Making Crowns

Same day crowns typically utilize tools you find in other precision industries, but specialized for dental use – for instance, a very small camera, computer software for rendering the model, and a milling machine to fabricate the crown. The location of the tooth helps to determine the proper source material needed, whether ceramic, metal, or another type.

Highly efficient cameras offer clear pictures with exceptional detail, saving the need to make a plaster tooth impression. Software using the images to develop the digital “mold” that becomes the crown. Automated milling machines carve a block of material to make a final product. These machines can work at a very fine level, making sure that indentations, ridges and other characteristics are in place to match the rest of your smile.

In many cases, same day crowns end up being about the same price as traditional crowns, sometimes slightly less. Yet, if there’s no need for a temporary crown, why is the price somewhat similar? Primarily it’s the cost of the technology and the required materials. Speed and convenience does come at a premium, but reduced visits and time spent with human hands limits the overall charge.

There’s A Time and A Place for Same Day Crowns

Certain circumstances call for the traditional crown. For example, hand-made crowns can be crafted with stronger materials for patients with bruxism (teeth grinding). Also, if the damage to the original tooth is below the gumline, a traditional crown is the better approach.

The Placerville Dental Group is well aware that every mouth – and every dental circumstance – is different. If you find yourself in need of a crown, which type is best for your teeth? Give us a call to find out! Or if you’d like, take advantage of our new Virtual Dental Consultation option. We’d love to make your smile into a “crowning” achievement!

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